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Sealing machine SEAL818

Model  Voltage(V/Hz) Power( W) Sealing width   (mm) Press width(mm) Packing size(mm)  Weight    (KG)
SEAL818 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz 500 250 10 470×390×295 8

Maximum Sealing-Sealing temperature adjusts automatically when voltage changes.

Non-corrosive body-the device is made of stainless for easy cleaning.

Sharp cutting blades-two cutting blanes are installed to cut evenly.

It is made of sterilization paper and polypropylene, coated with thermal chemical indicator.

It is used to bag instruments for sterilization. Instruments will remain sterile for a long time.

There are different widths of 5cm.7cm and 10cm to best suit instrument sizes.