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  • The new health care reform will bring medical needs change

    Publication time:2018-07-02

    The new medical reform program, to establish a public health service system, health care system, medical security system, drug supply and security system. With the constant improvement of the high levels of investment of the government in the field of health and medical care system, the total demand

  • The medical device market in the Middle East is full of temptation

    Publication time:2018-07-02

    "Middle East" region consisting of 12 countries, the vast majority of countries for the wealthy oil-producing countries (especially in Saudi Arabia's oil resources reserves the richest). Even if the economy is relatively underdeveloped countries in the Middle East, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan,

  • China's pharmaceutical industry has formally entered the Three Kingdoms era

    Publication time:2018-07-02

    e Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pharmaceutical Group") with Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Co., Ltd.