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The medical device market in the Middle East is full of temptation

Source:Pujiang Optoelectronic Technology CO.LTD.Publication time:2018-07-02

"Middle East" region consisting of 12 countries, the vast majority of countries for the wealthy oil-producing countries (especially in Saudi Arabia's oil resources reserves the richest). Even if the economy is relatively underdeveloped countries in the Middle East, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, and its per capita GDP is much higher than in most African countries. Kuwait and other wealthy countries in the Middle East, its nationals doctor borne by the government. These countries have good medical condition, the same level of the hospital's medical equipment and some Western European countries. In recent years, the Middle East has become the world medical equipment manufacturers race to compete in the market.

Demand for medical devices

Due to the higher national income, and the majority of countries in the Middle East in the past 10 years, a general increase in living standards, leading to the increasing incidence of this region high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar "three high" symptoms. World Health Organization global diabetes and cardiovascular disease, the Middle East has been listed as one of the areas of high. Which led to the dramatic increase in the number of people to the hospital, the National Hospital in the Middle East update or additions to the vigorous demand for medical devices and diagnostic instruments and other equipment.

Kidney dialysis machine imports surge

A new trend in the medical device market in the Middle East in recent years, imports increasing number of kidney dialysis equipment products. According to statistics of the U.S. medical device exporters of the Middle East Chamber of Commerce, the World renal dialysis equipment market with annual sales of up to $ 37 billion. The United States, Europe and Japan are the world's three major renal dialysis equipment market. Kidney dialysis equipment sales in these countries together accounted for 73% of the total sales of the global renal dialysis equipment. The Middle East is the world's fourth largest kidney dialysis equipment import market, with annual sales of over one billion U.S. dollars.

Kidney dialysis equipment is mainly composed by the hemodialysis machine blood pump, blood tubing, dialysis quality, and other auxiliary equipment. Fledgling medical equipment manufacturing industry of the Middle Eastern countries, it is still not like Europe and the United States as their own production of high-tech standard hemodialysis equipment, it is the Middle East's Hospital hemodialysis machines and other equipment needed for basic dependence on imports from the developed countries in Europe and the United States, and production of hemodialysis equipment in other areas it is difficult to enter the Middle East market.