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The new health care reform will bring medical needs change

Source:Pujiang Optoelectronic Technology CO.LTD.Publication time:2018-07-02

The new medical reform program, to establish a public health service system, health care system, medical security system, drug supply and security system. With the constant improvement of the high levels of investment of the government in the field of health and medical care system, the total demand of the pharmaceutical market will show sustained growth trend, the new health care reform for the entire pharmaceutical industry, is a worthy long celebration feast. Below, I change two aspects from the expansion of the total demand and demand structure, analyzing the impact of the new health care reform on the pharmaceutical industry.

Based on the following considerations, I believe that the new health reform will have a positive impact on the pharmaceutical industry in China.

An increase in government investment will expand the pharmaceutical market demand

"Views of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening medical and health system" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), government health spending growth rate higher than the growth of the recurrent expenditure, government health spending accounted for the proportion of recurrent expenditure gradually improve, which laid the institutional guarantee for the Chinese government to increase health care spending.

In fact, our government investment in health spending is increasing year by year. However, due to the excessive growth of the total cost of the health expenditure, so that the proportion of the total expenditure of the government spending is declining. By 2000, this proportion from 25.1% in 1990 down to 15.5%. Since then, the government has stepped up investment in the field of medicine and health, the proportion gradually rising each year. In 2007, government investment amounted to 229.2 billion yuan, accounting for recovery to 20.3%. With the deepening of the new type of rural cooperative medical care and urban residents basic medical insurance to carry out, comprehensively promote the new health care reform, government spending will have a greater improvement in the field of medicine and health, which will directly stimulate the entire expenditure of health care costs.

From the recent focus on the implementation of the medical and health system reform program (2009 to 2011) "(hereinafter referred to as the" embodiment "), with the increase in government financial investment, the expansion of the medical needs trend has been very clear. From 2009 to 2011, governments at all levels need to invest 850 billion yuan, of which 2/3 of the demand-side subsidies, which has a very large role in promoting the expansion of aggregate demand in the pharmaceutical market.

Health insurance system improve and perfect the residents medical

For a long time, medical treatment is difficult and expensive problem has been plaguing our residents. A data show that from 1998 to 2003, the prevalence of non-treatment rates upward situation within two weeks of China's urban and rural residents, the 2003 Chinese residents within two weeks of illness, but not close to 50% of the attendees, Most residents lack health insurance, can not be easily caused by medical reasons.

"Embodiment provides urban basic medical insurance, basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative" in the three years to cover all urban and rural residents increased to 90% of those eligible; 2010, budgets at all levels of urban residents subsidies for health insurance and new rural cooperative "to 120 yuan per person per year, and the maximum payment limits for medical insurance for urban workers, medical insurance for urban residents increased by about six times the average annual wage of local employees and residents' disposable income," New IICA "maximum payment limit is increased to more than six times the per capita net income of the local farmers.

This series of initiatives will gradually improve medical security system for our residents, and to a certain extent to solve the people's medical worries, to improve people's medical treatment rate.

The data show that, from the start of 2000, the government and society to increase investment in health, in particular the countries to strengthen the "new farmers" pilot in 2002, the national number of hospitalizations significantly increased. In 2007, China's urban residents basic medical start a pilot, the number of hospitalizations, there has been significantly improved, which is bound to bring the total expansion of medical needs. I believe that, with the expansion of health insurance coverage and improve the level of protection, this trend will be maintained in a long time.